Esta semana : b√°lsamos para narices de perritos

b√°lsamos narices

Creados  para ayudar a aliviar narices  secas de perritos, nuestros bálsamos para narices son una mezcla perfecta de ingredientes hidratantes y emolientes  de origen vegetal.

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Flower essences


Flowers have been used for healing in virtually all countries and cultures.

In the wild, animals seek out plants that will improve their health or just make them feel good. A dog eating grass is a common example.

I saw my dearest poodle Monona enjoying peppermint leaves in our garden many times.

When we domesticate animals we remove them from their natural environment and so from many of the natural foods and remedies which they would seek out for themselves.

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Chilean laurel


The Chilean Laurel (Laurelia sempervirens) is an endemic Chilean tree from Valdivia temperate rainforest with smooth, yellow pale bark that cracks with age. The shiny leaves are oblong in shape, arranged in opposite pairs and leathery in texture. The flowers are small greenish-white and the fruit is a small green woody capsule.

The wood and the leaves are strongly aromatic.

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Herbal healing salves

healing salves

Salves ( also known as ointments) are such a simple, effective and useful medicine!. They can easily be slipped into a purse, pocket, or first aid kit. Although semi-solid at room temperature, salves soften once applied to the skin, making them less messy to apply than oils.  They also are an easy and approachable way to introduce newbies to the medicinal properties of herbs.

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