New in the shop : dog coat sprays

dog coat spray


Our pH-balanced sprays, contains natural extracts to keep your best friend smelling fresh 😉.

Available in three unique scents, that  work perfectly with your dog’s delicate nose. No bubblegum, candy or synthetics fragrances here!, just pure and natural essential oils.

  • Floral :  soft, sweet and floral. Specially created for ladies,  with notes of ylang ylang, tangerine and sweet orange.
  • Herbal : a fresh, herbal and earthy unisex scent, with cypress, lavender and lemon eucalyptus.  A full pack of natural insect repellents!
  • Woodsy : a masculine, warm and grounding scent, made of cedar wood, vetiver and bergamot.

Are you ready? Try it here!

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